Next Sunday (April 28, 2024), I'm going to run the Madrid half marathon. Despite it being my first attempt at such a distance, I feel confident in finishing it because it's been three years since I've been training regularly. In 2021, I started by running just 5 km three or four times a week. Once my muscles and tendons were strong enough, I began running longer distances (10 to 12 km). Last week, I ran my longest distance ever: 16 km, along the well-known route "La Tapia", and I felt really good. Two and a half years ago, I bought a sports watch to measure my training. Although I don't have any specific goals for the race next Sunday, just to finish it, here are my records:

Distance Time
1km 3:50
5km 22:39
10km 50:11
15km 1:34:32

As I trained for shorter distances many more times than longer ones, my records are worse for 10 and 15 km. After the half-marathon, my next goal is to run 10 km in 45 minutes.