Daniel García Aubert

Software Engineer

I'm an enthusiastic software engineer. Back when I started studying Computer Science, I didn't even know I was into this stuff, 'cause I hardly touched a computer during my teenage years. But once I got the basics of programming at CES Santa Bárbara, I was all in. Teachers pushed me to try out a Computer Science degree, so I took the plunge and signed up at Carlos III University. Fast forward almost three years later, I had to hustle full-time, even though I didn't finish the degree.

I jumped on board with Hecate Projects in July 2007. It was a small team, just three of us, all about IT consultancy. That gig gave me my first taste of Java and the J2EE scene. Massive shoutout to Pilar Manero and Raúl Vega; they were like family to me in the software world.

Come November 2009, I finally scraped together enough cash to wrap up that Computer Science degree. In May 2010, I wrapped up my final project on Wireless Sensor Networks, which later got famous as IoT (Internet of Things).

July 2010, I rolled into Paradigma Tecnológico, working on an ad tracking system for Havas Digital. It was a research-heavy gig, where we were always testing new tools and databases for top-notch performance. I programmed mostly in Java and Javascript. Big props to Javier Monterrubio and Antonio Alvarado; they were like my Jedi masters, guiding me through the coding universe.

The project ended in July 2012, and since I was part of Paradigma Tecnológico's outsourcing division, they shuffled me into a new project. I landed in Mutua Madrileña's IT department, slinging code as a backend engineer. It was all Java frameworks like Spring and Structs. But after about a year and a half, I started feeling like my career needed a shake-up. I wasn't vibing with the whole third-party company scene, so I decided to pivot and learn something new that would get me into a product-based company.

I already had some experience with Javascript, and Node.js was the hot new thing, so I dived deep into that. When I felt ready for a change, I hopped on board with TAPTAP Networks in February 2014 as a Fullstack Engineer. Lucky for me, I joined a crew of real pros, including Cesar Ortiz, Nicolás Nombela, Sergio Arroyo, Javier Álvarez, Víctor Iniesta, Jose Honrado, and Francisco de Atilano. Learned heaps about building and scaling high-performance services.

Then, in October 2015, I got the chance to join CARTO. Spent the first couple of years building and maintaining their main OSS APIs. CARTO was a wild ride, where I learned something new every single day from some of the best in the business. By 2018, I was leading the Engine Team, a small but mighty crew handling CARTO's core services. From 2019 to 2021, I helped to build their new cloud-native Location Intelligence platform as a Principal Engineer. During those years, I was coding in all sorts of languages – Javascript, Typescript, Ruby, Python, you name it.

In September 2021, I needed a break, so I dipped out to work on some personal projects for a year. Six months into my chill time, Ibrahim Menem and Simón Martín Contreras (teammates at CARTO) hit me up about jumping on board their new gig: Stomio. Building a new product from scratch was dope as hell. I've been doing mostly backend stuff, but I got my hands dirty on the frontend too. Learned a ton about cool frameworks like Vue.js and Tailwind.

Fast forward two awesome years, and now that journey's wrapped up. Currently on the lookout for fresh challenges. Keep it locked, folks.